I want to chat in bengali

I have grated the raw beet and carrots and then saute them in little oil till they are done but you can also boil or steam the chopped vegetables and mash them for a quicker version.

Begin Speaking the Language Learning the Basics of Bengali Practicing Your Bengali Community Q&A The name Bengali means Bengal (Ben-gol /Ben-goli) people.

Read more I am a social and very friendly person who can make friends very easily.Traditionally the chops are deep fried but you can flatten them and shallow fry for a low fat version.I love Bengali cuisine and tried learning recipes from a Bengali neighbor of mine who is an expert cook.The mashed beets, carrots and potatoes are shaped into chops and then dipped in cornflour or maida/ refined flour slury or you can also use gram flour batter if you want to avoid using corn flour or refined flour.Then the chops are rolled in dry breadcrumbs before deep frying.

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