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The versatility of the trailer means you can just hook up and go.

The following adapters and hoses are essential items for the RV.

In the simplest case, the "starting means" is a potential relay which senses the voltage between L3 and L2, and a starting capacitor between L1 and the potential relay.

A basic meter will allow us to measure and test AC voltages, DC voltages, DC polarity, resistance and often current.

Originating from the United States in the 1930's, the teardrop is a classic trailer with many variations in design.

A teardrop is everything you need for a holiday that can be towed by nearly any car.

More advanced meters also measure frequency, capacitance, transistor gain, and/or inductance. However there are basically two types: The basic differences are outlines in the following table:4.

Display misleading results if the measured voltage varies quickly.

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