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And if they don’t, they aren’t a Houstonian and therefore you shouldn’t date them because as stated earlier, they’re probably moving soon.

You thought it was going to be just you two, but Mackenzie just broke up with that guy she was seeing and your date felt so bad so she couldn’t not invite her to happy hour.

Midtown is more than just Sunday morning church experience.

A large part of what we do is purposefully connect people in various relational environments. We want to encourage you to take the next step with us. Contrary to popular belief, men thrive in relationships with other men.

Good thing, because you just spotted some friends at the bar. It’s either 100% Southern charm, opening doors, and covering the bill or you’re considered a real gent so long as you buy the first round and let your date get into an Uber first.

Male or female, young or old, Houstonians like their local beers.

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Downtown East Nashville 12 South Crieve Hall Our women will gather together at regular times throughout the year to learn, grow and share their lives with each other.

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