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well anyway the reason i watch this drama is because of eric, i watch his drama another miss oh, and really like him there. Im crying everyday becuz of ERIC myyyyy loveeee i just love him veryyyy much and cant stand watching him crying!!!!!!!! I'm a boy and I think that Nam Ha Jin don't deserve Han Yeo Reum. Lets just hope that yeoreum will fall back to taeha...

who gave unconditional love will be the one in pain in the end, when the other side din give 100% too. and i'm kinda glad even upset that nam hajin didn't get the girl. and i'm not happy with the ending because end up the girl get back to the ex, tae ha is way better for girl like yeo rum, i wished she end up getting cheated back by some random guy for ending. but I really love nam ha jin character, so nice and good. i'm starting to fangirling him and stalk his other drama LOL. HH NO, I LOVE YOU @ Yoojin..can you think like that ?

The Korean-pop explosion we know today was birthed via a boy-band trio (read on to find out exactly who) that led the way for the scene to bring its beloved boy bands, girl groups, solo stars and rappers to international audiences.

P, Daesung and Seungri of Korean band Bigbang receive the Best Worldwide Award during the MTV Europe Music Awards 2011 live show at at the Odyssey Arena on Nov. With all due respect to the ladies, K-pop probably wouldn't exist if it weren't for the boys.

and he is happy now he can chase his dream as volunteer service.

this is very heavy drama, most times they are arguing fighting or crying. If you are looking for laughter and fun this is not the right drama. If I was a guy (or at least was a guy and had some small fraction of self-respect) I would have swept her out of my life completely Not a fan of the writer. There was nothing good about her from the beginning till the end. I don't understand why Kang Tae Ha and Nam Ha Jin, the two perfect guy chasing her loves while she even not look attractive nor highly smart with meh personalities. So, here's the thought, Nam Ha Jin and Han Yo Reum, both of them are lived in the past and they aren't really sure about their feeling of each other. omg 18 older than me, but i like you moon jung hyuk ajjushi 안녕! I would love to know where was the location when this 2 love birds met (right after the acquantaince in the train)? your cooperation are highly appreciated Why, why, why!! When the doctor gets caught doing wrong, he uses PAC (passisive aggressive control) and flipping things around to make her think she has done something wrong and dumping all the blame on her by always saying: "you're misunderstanding." Even the doctor's so-called "sister?! He is smart enough to let a yeo Reum believe she is the one in control when actually he is controlling everything! It gave me the same emotions as boys over flowers and the heirs (my favourite dramas). It's the same writer as I Need Romance 2 & it does have some similarity but I still enjoy watching it. I'm a sucker for rom/coms so this is right up my ally..makes me laugh & Eric is just TOO HOT to pass up. Sung Joon and Yoon Jin-Yi (adorable in Gentleman's Dignity - made a small role outshine the rest of the characters) .....

News hit the ceiling that Shinhwa’s main heartthrob has been taken.

According to news sites, Eric (39) has been dating Na Hye Mi (27) for about 4 years.

Other sources revealed that the two often go on PC bang dates, grocery shopping dates, skii resort vacations and more.

Please attend and congratulate me."Is the backside of the person in the photo with Andy really his fiancee? looks like Andy's really in the mood for April Fool's day this year, peeps!

October 24, grand vol-lume, 3rd floor of the 63 building in Seoul...

Their relationship progressed from senior and junior actors to a romantic couple.” When asked about the wedding rumors, they replied, “Rumors that Eric and Na Hye Mi are marrying next year is untrue.

It’s unfounded.” The two were caught by Dispatch on Christmas, enjoying a date together at the movies and a drive in Eric’s Porsche.

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