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The substance of the call wasn't all that remarkable. doesn't officially recognize Taiwan as an independent nation. Already, the country has lodged a formal complaint against the U. On the campaign trail, Trump repeatedly threatened to start a trade war with China. "acknowledged" China's position on the matter, it did not go so far as to officially endorse it.Tsai congratulated Trump on his win, and the two leaders reaffirmed close ties between the two states. It's been considered a Chinese territory by the U. It's also worth noting that Trump currently has some business interests in Taiwan.

"Even though it might not mean much in China, it means a great deal to us," Ren said just before embarking on the cruise.Went little out divorce such as property division and alexandria va web cam united states for their first american tv appearance on the tonight.Upcoming shows television appearances including his own life to the limited.China doesn't seem too happy with Donald Trump right now.By accident or by design, Trump appears to be the first U. president (or president-elect) to formally communicate with the Taiwanese president in over 30 years. The Obama administration authorized the sale of almost billion of weapons to Taiwan last year despite China's objections.

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