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It just didn't work out." Don't go into the details. We tend to assume that these conversations will be awkward and upsetting, but I've found that they allow us to actually be open to some great advice.Who knows, maybe the person has someone in mind to set you up with. You can say, "I'm dating a lot, and it's been going well.

Let them know you're no longer together: "Just to give you a heads-up, Joe and I are no longer an item.Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie reportedly celebrated Thanksgiving separately last week.As the couple’s messy divorce and custody battle continues to play out in the press, a report claims the celebrity pair spent the holiday apart.When they ask you, reply with something like, "Actually, I'm loving life, and it's going fine."If they continue their questioning, you can be direct and say, "It's not something I am comfortable talking about" and try to change the topic.Don't allow yourself to sink to their level or resort to hostility.

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If you are currently mad at your spouse just remember that life could be a whole lot worse and you could be in a relationship that is way more toxic, but honestly if you can relate to these fictional movie couples it might be time to rethink that relationship that you got going on (but think about that tomorrow because today is all about turkey and stuffing and a lot of gravy).

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