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The Tourette Syndrome group also scored significantly higher in the quadrant of low registration and significantly lower in terms of sensation seeking.This study has provided a preliminary description of how the sensory processing of adults with Tourette syndrome differs from that of the general population.Using a range of statistical tests, the profile results from a sample of adults with Tourette Syndrome were compared with those of the standardisation study’s adult age group (Brown and Dunn, 2002).Adults with Tourette Syndrome scored significantly higher than the standardisation adult age group in the quadrants of sensory sensitivity and sensation avoidance, consistent with predictions made, based upon literature.Tics can occur in nearly any part of the body and in any muscle; some individuals report of ‘internal tics’ such as deep abdominal muscle tension and ‘stomach tics’ The biggest misconception around TS is that everybody with the condition swears.Coprolalia is the clinical term for tics that produce socially unacceptable words; and only 10% of people with TS have this symptom.Tics usually start in childhood around the age of six to seven years and tic symptoms often fluctuate in severity and frequency.Although the nature of tics is that they come and go, such patterns are also influenced by environmental factors including stress, excitement and relaxation.

This September we will be holding a Twitter Chat on Tips for the Workplace and a webinar on Workplace Discrimination and Rights.For many people affected by Tourette Syndrome (TS) and Tic Disorders, severe symptoms continue into adulthood.Living with Tourette Syndrome as an adult comes with a unique set of challenges, often without the family and parental support that kids with TS benefit from.Sensory urges often precede these tics and increasing evidence to suggest that individuals might also experience heightened sensitivity to external stimuli.This research seeks to explore how the sensory processing of adults with Tourette Syndrome compares with that of the general population using a Sensory Profile self-questionnaire.

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