Updating windows 98 to windows 98 se

I really want to install my windows upgrade because the add/remove functions can only be accessed with a disk and anytime I want to install hardware it says to insert the windows 98 CD, but when I do it says that its the wron one.

I currently have either windows 98 SE or ME and would like to get rid it and have my old windows 98 upgrade installed so I can access add/remove functions and install new hardware.

Creating a backup before the service pack installation, should help avoiding this kind of issues.

obviously Microsoft doesn't have them any more and Windows 98 SE isn't even internet compatible anymore...

Although Microsoft never released a service pack for Windows 98 SE, this is a pack of patches available through the online Windows Update site and added a little something extra.

Unofficial Windows 98 Second Edition Service Pack is a large collection of updates and hotfixes, solving some bug issues of Windows 98 such as the 512 MB RAM cap limit, creating a lot of problems while trying to open a MS-DOS session or booting up.

(SE) picks up where Windows 98 left off, with new Internet related features--such as the bundling of Internet Explorer 5.0 and Internet Connection Sharing--while providing a host of bug fixes and support for new types of hardware. Anyone who is familiar with Windows 98 will feel right at home in Windows 98.

So Windows 98 SE isn't dramatically different from Windows 98, but then that's the point: This is a minor upgrade, not a major new release (indeed, the version number is still 4.10 as it was in Windows 98, though the build number has increased from 1998 to 2222. Internet Explorer 5.0 technologies Windows 98 ships with Internet Explorer 5.0 in the box, meaning that you won't have to perform a separate installation of the product.

Ok sorry I see now why "and anytime I want to install hardware it says to insert the windows 98 CD," Yeah thats a pain .

Just get XP if can and you won't have to do that anymore .

Well, Porsche, you are another big fan of Win ME I take it.

When being connected to the Internet, select the " install without an option to install it on additional Windows98 systems.

If you still have an old laptop somewhere around, or a Windows 98 operating PC in your garage and feel a bit nostalgic of the times you used to play Quake, Hexen, Prehisto, POP3D or Pinball, we might just give you a reason to wipe the dust off them.

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