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Now Phil Colllins, Ian Paice of Deep Purple and Bun E.

Carlos of Cheap Trick play drums left handed, meaning the drum kits have to be arranged differently.2008 - Sir Paul Mc Cartney has declined to thin the wild boar population on his 1,500 acre East Sussex (England) estate. As with deer, the Government has a policy to allow humane culling but Sir Paul is having none of it."Paul Mc Cartney performed without incident before 50,000 fans (and 5,000 security guards) in Tel Aviv, Israel Thursday (September 25, 2008).

So, who is this woman feeling up on our favorite Beatle?

I've read that there's only one thing Paul does right handed - playing drums - and he does everything else left handed.

Years ago, he complained at having to pay Michael royalties every time he wanted to perform a Beatles song: 'The annoying thing is I have to pay to play some of my own songs.‘This is the Epiphone – the Taxman guitar solo guitar – and this is the Höfner [bass] from 1963,’ Hammel says.He hefts the bass deftly, 40 years’ diligent service guiding his hands in the post-soundcheck gloom.No matter, Hammel is now fingering a 1960 Gibson flame-top, ‘which is a really rare guitar, being left-handed.Linda bought that for him years ago.’ Aside from the 10 basses and guitars, there is a 1920s ukulele, ‘which is the one George gave to Paul, I think when we were doing Anthology…’ he frowns, referring to George Harrison and the 1995 Beatles documentary and CD series.

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Twitter users dubbed the interview as “excruciating” and a “PR disaster”. Specifically when I was about 20.”Having exhausted the usual questions one might ask of a musician, Turnbull turned to the credits section of Mc Cartney’s new album for inspiration.“Paul Mc Cartney, who’s he? “James Mc Cartney has become fodder for media trainers across the country on how NOT to do an interview,” one user said. He admitted his relationship with his father’s ex-wife Heather Mills was “not very good”.“I didn’t like her,” he said.

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  1. Locals have complained about crop, tree and garden damage from dozens of boar-- some weighing as much as 900 pounds. Earlier in the day, Paul went to the West Bank city of Bethlehem, lit candles at the Church of the Nativity there and wished for peace for Palestinians and Israelis.